The Right Employers

The Right Staff Team..

…with good reason.

What if every time you had a need for new or replacement team members you were able to ask an IT Pre-sales specialist for their shortlist.

The specialist who is, all day every day, talking only to that market sector. If you’re looking for IT Pre-sales then that’s us!

With updates from every jobs board and the biggest business networking tool we stay up to date, each and every day with new candidates to the market and even those who aren’t actively looking but could be looking for your role and would otherwise have no idea it existed.

What if…? After that we shortlisted from the best staff available on the market now and even more staff not available anywhere else? 

We respect the time you have available, and will collaborate with you to streamline the recruitment process to give you the broadest picture of the Pre-sales market.

Wherever possible we like to meet our candidates face to face, and if that’s not possible we Skype them. We vet as many candidate as the working day allows and ensure that whoever comes to you is known to us.

In line with our ethos of integrity and honesty, we don’t bump up our prices for senior placements and quality drives our decisions.

What we can do for you

  • Well, we’re already working for you and you haven’t even asked yet!
  • We’re already finding active candidates! Every day we contact all of the brand new candidates to the market
  • We’re already talking to as many candidates as possible who are not actively looking and not talking to other agencies. Pre-sales is all we do and we’re already talking to candidates unavailable elsewhere for you
  • We’ll provide a detailed overview of each candidate prior to interview
  • We build relationships with candidates throughout the selection process and keep you informed of any developments or changes in their circumstances.
  • We can manage offers and negotiations to secure your selected candidate
  • Arrange immediate feedback after the interview, from you and the candidate.

Other services

  • We offer coaching sessions where required to ensure that you and your candidates get the best out of your interview time.
  • Ensure that candidates are fully informed on you and your product prior to interview

We’re available 8AM to 8PM Monday to Friday and our Saturday opening hours are 10-2pm